High-Level Installations

Industrial Rope Access

Rope Access is arguably the safest method known to the industry of reaching high and awkward places. Qualified personnel will design and install a unique system to suit your specific requirements and by using tried, tested and approved techniques we will access your problem safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Each team is also fully independent to accommodate any potential rescue scenario encountered.

Working from fail-safe anchors and using high strength industrial ropes, we can access and work on large areas smoothly and effectively by moving vertically and laterally with ease. Rope access technicians are also trained to work along beams and other supports.

Using a system of slings and attachments we can carry out a wide range of installation, maintenance and construction tasks which could otherwise have required the use of towers or mobile platforms.

Pest Control

Roosting birds can cause huge problems to building owners including damage to buildings and health concerns for occupants.

We offer a range of bird control measures to suit any building and budget, each providing a tailored preventative solution to common unwanted roosting problems without causing any harm to birds or other wildlife.

Spikes can be used to prevent birds from landing on roofs, ledges, signs, or any other parts of buildings where they may want to nest. We also offer bird proofing wires as a cost-effective alternative to spikes, especially where the system to be installed would be a considerable length. Netting can be used for other locations such as the underside of roofs or canopies.

Other methods such as electric deterrents can be used on buildings with special requirements, such as those with historic facades to maintain or protect. These systems are invisible from street level and provide a humane yet effective solution.

Our specialist access teams are able to remove and repair a wide range of pest control systems, whether they are faulty or have been moved during construction or refurbishment work.

Our high-level cleaning teams also offer full building cleans to remove any fouling prior to the installation of a bird proofing system.


PTSG’s skilled high-level teams use a range of access equipment to install signage at height, ensuring it is both safe and effective. We carry out work for retail sites, office buildings, stadiums and other public buildings, and install signs in a wide range of materials including wire frame systems, window vinyls and building wraps.

Rope access techniques offer a quick and economical solution to erecting signage, with minimal disruption in comparison to other methods such as scaffolding. Our skilled teams are also able to remove signs and vinyls from difficult-to-reach areas, always taking the utmost care to preserve the fabric of the building and leave a spotless finish.

High-Level Repairs

General Maintenance

Our skilled specialist access teams can carry out a wide range of planned and reactive maintenance works to keep buildings in good condition, and most importantly, assure the health and safety of building users and passers-by.

We can undertake small maintenance tasks and larger repair works for a vast range of building features and materials, including windows, lighting, gutters, cladding and other façade materials.

We can also maintain and repair render and carry out mastic work as a way to prevent small cracks and holes from creating significant structural issues down the line.

Cladding Removal/Replacement

Maintenance and installation work on high-rise buildings can be extremely difficult, with most access methods inadequate for the job, either because of cost or practicality. Our skilled rope access teams can remove and replace cladding on buildings of all heights, with no disruption to tenants or unsightly scaffolding.

We can also remove samples of cladding quickly and without any disturbance to building occupants when required for testing or inspection.


Rope access provides a solution for decorating high and hard-to-reach areas, without the downtime or obstruction caused by other costlier methods, such as scaffolding.

Our rope access engineers carry out decorating works for a wide range of clients and buildings. We have the level of safety and efficiency necessary for painting industrial chimneys, as well as the care and skill required for historical and listed buildings.

We can also carry out painting and repairs to decorative architectural elements such as cornices, mouldings, balconies and other stonework, making sure that buildings of all shapes and sizes give off the impression our clients’ businesses necessitate.

Roof Maintenance

Our teams use a range of access methods to maintain and repair high and hard-to-reach areas, without the downtime or obstruction caused by other costlier methods, such as scaffolding.

We are skilled in working on a wide range of buildings and provide the same high standard of service whether carrying out a small repair to a modern building, or a large restoration of a heritage property.

Historical Buildings

From bottom to top, we can provide inspection and maintenance services to all types of historical buildings such as churches, cathedrals and monuments.

Our sensitive approach to these buildings provides confidence that the architectural importance of the structure will be respected while works are carried out. We are proud to have been the first steeplejack company to have worked on York Minster and the Scott Monument in Edinburgh.

We offer every service required to identify and repair any aspect of the structures, with qualified stonemasons and engineers who have the technical skills to see work through from the first survey to completion. Our rope access expertise allows us to provide this unrivalled comprehensive service without having to compromise on price.

With references from established organisations such as Historic Scotland and the National Trust, our teams have demonstrated that they have the confidence and skill required for success in smaller jobs like gutter clearing, as well as the rebuilding of spires and towers.

High-Level Cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are often a problematic area for building maintenance. Over a period of time, they can easily become blocked by leaves and other debris causing them to stop working, overflow or leak into the building. These blockages will lead to corrosion over time, which could then result in damp patches appearing internally and eventually severe water ingress. Studies indicate that up to 64% of flood damage is due to blocked or damaged guttering.

To avoid flooding and other related issues such as damp and water ingress, we can offer roof and gutter cleaning services for both residential and commercial clientele. Our experienced team takes care to carefully check your gutters and downpipes to ensure that all debris is removed. With a proven track record in delivering excellent results and solving clients’ long-term gutter-related problems, you can have complete peace of mind that we will leave your gutters clean and in the best possible state of repair.

Gutter cleaning services include:

  • Checking and clearing out debris from gutters, valleys and roofs
  • Checking and clearing out downpipes and testing
  • Removal and re-fitting of gutter protection
  • Building Cleaning

Wespecialise in all aspects of building cleaning at height. Our expertise, developed in the fields of safety access, testing and installation, allows us to offer building cleaning and maintenance services using BMUs, industrial rope access, MEWPs, extension pole work and difficult access work.

We offer a wide range of building cleaning and maintenance services to clean, restore, enhance and protect the external elements of a wide range of commercial, industrial, public and private properties. Our cleaning services include, high-pressure washing, steam cleaning and blasting.

We place great emphasis on the thorough training and multi-skilling of our staff. In an industry that has many dangers for those not properly skilled and disciplined, our safety record speaks volumes.

Window Cleaning

We supply a wide range of high-level window cleaning services to a variety of commercial and industrial customers including major shopping centres, airports, sporting venues, hotels, military sites, universities and industrial buildings.

With an emphasis on safety, reliability and cost effectiveness, our background in the maintenance, installation and testing of equipment for working at heights means that we can offer a complete package of high level window cleaning services.

Our teams are highly skilled in the use of a range of equipment including rope access/abseiling techniques, BMU access, MEWPs and ladder work, allowing us to carry out full cleans at even the most challenging sites.

Pressure Cleaning

PTSG offers pressure washing either as part of a working at height project or as a stand-alone service. Pressure cleaning is an alternative to the use of chemicals, making it safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

As both abrasive and nonabrasive techniques are available, pressure washing can be used for a whole variety of applications including the cleaning of:

  • Cladding
  • Façade
  • Roof
  • Brick, concrete and wall
  • Steel
  • Signage
  • Shelf and racking
  • Graffiti removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Fly poster removal
  • General internal and external areas

Interior Cleaning


We also offer specialist interior cleaning services for organisations in all different sectors. A clean working environment is vital to the success of any organisation. It gives a positive first impression to clients, visitors and the world outside that yours is an efficient place to do business with. It also gives employees a pleasant, healthy place in which to operate, directly influencing their productivity.

Research has shown how a clean, uncluttered workplace avoids many of the bacteria that can lead to illness and absenteeism. A typical office keyboard can contain up to 7,500 bacteria. A clean and ordered environment saves employees from wasting time looking for documents or cleaning their own workspace. This, along with reduced absenteeism, leads to greater profitability.

Our highly skilled operatives are involved in fixed contracts with organisations within the healthcare, education, finance, retail and heavy industry sectors, all of which have come to depend on their expertise and efficiency.

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