All high-level work requires an uncompromising approach to safety and we are highly experienced and accredited in all the recognised techniques for accessing buildings.

Cleaning, repairing and maintaining a building’s facades, roofing and cladding not only enhances its appearance but also improves its economic life and integrity, ensuring it lasts longer with improved performance and fewer problems.

Acescott Management Services Ltd. is able to clean buildings externally including gutters, soffits, fasciae, roofs, windows, cladding, brickwork, concrete, rendering, steel and framework. Internally we can access most high-level areas using a combination of rope access/abseiling techniques, BMU (building maintenance unit) access, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) and ladders.

As these areas are not usually seen by some customers or staff, and are often awkward to access, they are often neglected. This can compromise the building’s integrity which can lead to further problems of water ingress, infestation and contamination. Acescott employs innovative solutions to access problems to ensure that every building looks its best from top to bottom.

PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd (formerly Acescott Ltd) is part of PTSG, a UK market leader that specialises in access and safety, electrical services, specialist building access, fire solutions and water treatment.

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